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InnoVision has a passion for innovation through research and development for not only better eye care but also for beautiful and attractive eyes.

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Before using contact lenses, carefully read the instructions for use enclosed in the packaging


One of the most popular way for most people to correct myopia is with soft contact lenses.

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 The soft contact lenses (38% water & 43% water) of InnoVision have the following merits when compared with spectacles:

a. Easy fitting at the time of first wearing of the contact lenses due to the feeling of the foreign material
b. Short period of adaption of the contact lenses wearing for the sensitive eyelid and cornea.
c. The position of head and expression of the face are normal.
d. The wearing period is long.
e. The incidence of corneal edema is low.
f. The syndrome caused by excessive wearing of the contact lenses is extremely rare.
g. There is no spectacle blur.
h. The sensation of the cornea is kept relatively normal.
i. Corneal injury is less frequent.
j. Can be worn irregularly.
k. There are no symptoms of glare and tear flow.
l. The frequency of eye flare is low.
m. Foreign materials such as dust do not enter between the cornea and the soft contact lenses.
n. There is less risk of loss.
o. There are less frequency of lens wearing and loss.
p. The lenses can be worn part-time or irregularly.
q. Can be used to treat the diseases of corneas.
r. In case of failure of wearing hard lens, the success rate of re-fitting for the soft contact lens is high.
s. There are conditions such as keratoconus and aniseikonia that are typically corrected better with contract lenses than with glasses.



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