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Our commitment and values

For quality assurance, InnoVision offers the following commitment and values :

Scientist using microscope
Design Methodology-innovision.jpg
Design Methodology
Customer Service
Customer Satisfaction

All soft contact lenses of InnoVision are designed to deliver the ultimate comfort for most of human eyes.

We are dedicated to meet all customer requirements and relevant national and regional regulatory requirements, in order to provide a 100% customer satisfaction.

Continual Vigilance & PMS

 InnoVision has been performed Post Market Surveillance (PMS) Activities (Studies) and the records are filed in Post Market Surveillance Activities according to the PMS system established for improvement.

Commitment and teamwork

In order to achieve our goals, all group of people at InnoVision Ltd. works  collaboratively while communicating closely.

Sustainability .jpg
Aquarium Plants

The production system of InnoVision is optimized for controlling suppliers . Our production method contributes to the environmental protection and helps not to waste of resources.

Cornea Transplant
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