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Innovation & Technology

Soft contact lenses of InnoVision are designed considering functions of tear film.

  • Aspheric design


The special aspheric design of our soft contact lenses was developed to improve tear circulation and to optimise vision correction, maximising wearing comfort.


  • Better tear flow and oxygen Supply

All soft contact lenses manufactured by InnoVision Co. Ltd. are designed to  take corneal asphericity into account to provide the best possible fit and a smooth tearing cycle.


A portion of the lens edge is slightly lifted up and it helps that the eye under the lens can be supplied with oxygen through each eye blinking and tear circulation.


  • High definition


Soft contact lenses of InnoVision are designed to reduce spherical aberration* across the range of lens powers.

(* Spherical aberration is an image imperfection that occurs due to the increased refraction of light rays that occurs when rays strike a lens. (Reference : medical-terms dictionary)

Benefits of design with an aspheric anterior surface :

- improves contrast of the retinal image
- delivers exceptional visual quality especially in low- light-condition


  • Our Printing Technology​


All coloured soft contact lenses from us are made using P.O.I.M. (pigment outside inlay method) technology which has a unique sandwich effect through polymerisation of the binding polymer and pigment. This special patented colouring process does not alter the optical or performance characteristics of the lens, but creates a smooth lens surface and thickness that is equivalent to a clear lens, resulting in the benefit of exceptional long-lasting comfort. The colour additives on our soft contact lenses are not removed by lens handling, cleansing or disinfecting procedures.

  • Clinical performance


UV blocking     


Exposure to UV radiation is known to harm the eyes and is one of the main causes of eye diseases. In order to protect and prevent the eyes from UV-related diseases, the soft contact lenses of InnoVision Deutschland (tetrafilcon A, 43% water content) have an ultraviolet (UV) blocker incorporated within the lens polymer, irrespective of the colours  or patterns.

​​​​​​​​​Tests performed by a globally respected, independent laboratory have demonstrated that both corrective and non-corrective soft contact lenses (tetrafilcon A, 43% water content) effectively block UV-B and UV-A rays.


Superior hygiene 


The use of  non-ionic material for our contact lenses  in combination with an optimised water content prevents protein deposits that build up on the contact lens from every day wear. This improves hygiene and handling of the lenses, thus reducing the risk of negative effects such as dryness, irritation or infection.


Clinical studies are continually being conducted to ensure long-lasting wearing comfort when wearing our contact lenses through cooperation and studies with ophthalmology professors from varies universities and scientific institutes. 



In developing our contact lenses, we paid special attention to the protection of following eye’s natural tear film functions :

  1. Creating a smooth surface on the eye to provide good acuity

  2. Lubrication of permit the smooth passage of the eyelid over the ocular surface (Prevent dry eye) 

  3. Supplying oxygen and nutrients to the eyes through interfacing for exchange between the air and corneal tissue 

  4. Flushing of debris and contaminants from the ocular surface.

  5. Prevention of infection through antibacterial enzymes/proteins

  6. Healing damage to the surface the eye 

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