About Contact Lens Manufacturer ‘InnoVision’





InnoVision Co.,Ltd was founded in 1999 and is a company that researches, develops and manufactures contact lenses and lens care products. InnoVision produces premium color contact lenses made with completed cast mold, available in 1 tone, 2 tone, 3 tone, Funky, UV and Gold lenses by the Patented Pigment Outside Inlay Method, the most sophisticated and safe color lens printing technology. (Patent Number 10-0773571)

Our primary concern has always been the health and comfort of the customer’s eyes, as well as the quality of our products. InnoVision has implemented and received Quality Assurance Standard, ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. InnoVision has obtained the approval of GMP and the European CE Mark, ensuring a high standard of quality for our products. Inno Color® lenses are safe, comfortable and easy for handling and fitting.

InnoVision has increased the competitive power of the color contact lens with high quality products through patented technology. The Inno Color® lenses will give you full satisfaction and a truly dramatic new appearance. InnoVision will continuously endeavor in the development of various kinds of superior quality color contact lenses as one of the most creative lens manufacturers in the world. Inno Color® Lens strives for superior quality by going against standard conventions. Experience the clear difference with Inno Color® Lens.

Research & Development

InnoVision Co.,Ltd. has a passion for innovation through research and development for not only better eye care but also for beautiful and attractive eyes. We are always looking for new materials, technologies and designs, while ensuring high quality in design by manufacturing products using advanced techniques. This methodology for development enables the customer to benefit from reliable, high quality products.

Clinical Trials & Satisfaction

Clinical trials are continually being conducted to ensure long-lasting comfort while wearing our contact lenses. The marketplace is continuously monitored throughout the product life-cycle to ensure that the voice of the customer is addressed and the satisfaction of the customer is achieved.

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